Lavender Forest Zone
Gamma - Chapter 2

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Written by: Reflection the Hedgehog

Chapter 2

I stepped out of the containment cell. Eggman stopped his laughter and looked at me seriously.
"Because you were destroyed and rebuilt, I have to put you through my trianing again. Go inside the target practice room. Your ally, Shadow is waiting there. Your mission is to destroy the Sonic Doll at the end of the course. You'll need to work together to suceed so don't screw this up."
I nodded and entered the room. I was surprised to see, not only the black hedgehog in there, but a flying, two tailed fox. The fox hovered and was a doll, it had a rod coming from his head which ended in a glowing red ball.
"Gamma, I presume." the black hedgehog said, as he approached me. "I'm Shadow and this is Puppet Tails. we've been waiting for a while, now are training can finally start."
The voice of Eggman rang from the intercom. "Get ready you dolts, you'll need to destroy EVERYTHING!"
As the voice ended, we readied ourselves for fighting. Puppet Tails stared emotionlessly into space, as usual I guessed. Suddenly a loud buzzing was heard from ahead. An army of living Sonic Dolls appeared. This was not like last time, these dolls faught back.
I began launching my rockets this way and that into what semed an endless wave of dolls.
To my surprise, Puppet Tails was doing backflips to whip the enemies away. He would also, occasionally, ram into them.
Shadow was no doubt, destroying them in a fit of fury, rage and jealousy. He was also destroying the mose with his powerful attacks. But then, he turned to where Eggman was vewing us and attacked the Dr himself.
"What do yuo think you are doing? I guess I'll need to dispose of you!" Eggman said, as he grabbed Shadow and brought him to a different room.
The simulation stopped. I looked to where Eggman went. He then returned, this time he had a watery blob following him.
"As Shadow was unrustworthy and didn't want to make a deal, your new partner shall be Chaos." Dr.Eggman said, as the simulation started, and Chaos joined the fray.

A long while later we were given our first asignment......steal the Master Emerald.....

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