Lavender Forest Zone
Amy Rose

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Name: Amy Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Specialty: Speed
Friends: Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, Big, Gamma, Cream, Birdie
Enemies: Dr.Eggman, Metal Sonic
Trail Color: Pink
Biography: Amy Rose is a pink Sonic-Fangirl. If you dont notice that right away, your a moron. She follows Sonic everywhere, trying to get him to marry her. She thinks of Sonic as her boyfriend, though Sonic thinks of her as a pain in the butt.
    Amy often follows and loses Sonic in less then 20 minutes. She once befriended one of Dr.Eggman's robots, Gamma. She also had a Cream/Cheese thing when she found a bird, named it Birdie and decded it was her mission to save him from Eggman and Zero.
    Amy later joins Big the Cat and Cream the Rabbit to stop Eggman, get Sonic, free Chocola and Froggy once and for all.



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