Lavender Forest Zone
Cream the Rabbit

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Name: Cream the Rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Specialty: Flight
Friends: Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, Big, Cheese, Chocola, Amy
Enemies: Dr.Eggman, Metal Sonic
Trail Color: Orange
Biography: Cream is an ice cream loving rabbit with two happy Chao, Cheese and Chocola. Cream made an appearence in Sonic Advance 2 and was rumored to stay in the advance series, but Sonic Heroes came and disproved that theory. Cream was first on a mission to save her mother, Vanilla, from Dr.Eggman.
     On the way, she met Sonic, who told her to stay at home, but liek all Sonic Characters, she didn't listen.In Sonic Heroes, she must save Chocola from the evil Dr.Eggman. She has problems with her friends and family getting kidnapped all the time.


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