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Written by: Reflection the Hedgehog

Chapter 1

'My mission is fullfilled.' I thought, as I fell down in pain. I watched a black bird flying around me. "I have freed you, my brother."
I said, as I was ready to let go of the miracle called life.
A wave of pain swept over me and bright white light filled the are around my eyes. I looked up one last time before exploding into bright lights and colors. I had suceeded in my mission. My friends were free of their robotic bodies. My mission was now over, I would also return to my bird stated body.....unless my soul exploded with the mechanical body I had grown so acustomed to. I closed my eyes as a final wave of pain swept over me and I felt myself vibrating and peices of me flying in every direction.
My eyes opened. I looked around. No scanner screens, I could see colors, I I chirpped happily as my brother and I met one of our friends, a blue bird with a locket. We began to fly away, but suddenly a large green claw grabbed the bird and knocked it down. Me and my brother turned to watch it fall, ten we saw a pink hedgehog come onto the platform.
"You idiot! How could you do that?" Yelled the pink hedgehog as she rasied a large mallot and destroyed the green robot which had hurt our cousin. She then ran to the bird and picked it up, "Are you okay Birdy?" She asked.
I flew down to them.
"Are these your friends?" Asked the pink hedgehog as she let go of my cousin and stood up. Suddenly a loud crash and roar was heard from the city.
"Trouble!" Shouted the pink hedgehog and ran off. I flew quickly after, I had to thank the hedgehog for saving my cousin.
Suddenly a large liquid reptile appeared, as it buldozed a building. The bulding came toppling down like a stack of blocks. I extended my short wings and swooped outta the way just in time to avoid being samshed by the avalanche of bricks. Suddenly a shine caught my eye. I looked down and realised the streets were flooded with water. It was just flooded, it looked like a hurricane had swept through. But the shine continued.
I swooped down to see what it was and saw one of the emeralds I was sent by Dr.Eggman to collect. I picked it up within my talons and began to search for the pink hedgehog.
'Maybe she can help' I thought as I kept searching.
I flew higher above the city for a hawks-eye-veiw. I saw a bit of pink in the blueish surroundings. I swooped down infront of her. She stared at me for a moment before realising I was holding a Chaos Emerlad. She quickly took it form me and ran to a blue hedgehog which she gave the emerlad to.
'Your welcome.' I thought as I flew off........


It was a dark night. A few months later. I looked up at the darkness of the sky. A bright streak of yellow and white falling towards the earth caught my eye. A star was my first guess, but I suddenly realised it couldn't be a star, stars were much bigger. I flew towards the object, hoping to see if I could make out what it was. I saw a spined object inside the ball of flames. My first thought was of the pink hedgehog, but as I've got closer, I could see it was a black, male hedgehog.
I watched as it hit the ground and a large explosion of light and rock came up to greet me. When finally the dust and smoke cleared, I looked into a large crater. In the crater was a black hedgehog, twisted into an odd position.
'He's dead' I thought, as I looked down into the crater. Suddenly I heard familiar laughter. I looked down to see a man with a large orange mustache, he was mostly dressed in red. His large and round body bounced as he laughed.
"Those fools on the ARK think I am through. Such fools they are to think I'll give up here!" Dr.Eggman said as he crept into the crater and picked up the hedgehog. I chirped furiously at him. He looked up me, a little surprised to discover I was there.
"You! I'll get you this time, and I'll make sure that there are no flaws in your programming." Said the fat scientist as he used a mechanical claw to grab me.....


I awoke inside of a green containment cell of sorts. I felt much sturdier then I did before. I looked at my arm. WAIT! My arm....I don't have arms. I quickly looked at the other which was a gun instead.
'Back where I started.' I thought glumly. Dr.Eggman walked up to my containment cell and opened.
"Now that I know you don't have any flaws, or former memory, you will finally be of service." But little did he know, I still had my memorys, and my own thoughts, which was the biggest flaw I could have been given............

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Hey my peeps.