Lavender Forest Zone
Gamme - Chapter 3

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Written by: Reflection the Hedgehog

We flew in style, a small fleet of Egg Jets, one for each of us. Chaos' face appeared in the Incoming Messege screen, I pushed a butten and Chaos' watery voice was heard.
"Gamma, get ready to go in, the emerald is near by but there is an annoying red echidna guarding it." Chaos said, his voice echoey and watersh.
"Are you sure?" I replied.
"Of course I'm sure, I used to live in the Master Emerald."
We flew towards an island, but the island wasn't in the ocean, it floated above it. I looked at the location identification screen, it said the island was called Angel Island.
We landed our small fleet in some bushes and aproached the shrine of the emerald. The shrine was made of stone, and it was crumbling, already missing quite a bit due to the years.
I walked onto the cracked and dry steps. I looked down and saw some markings on the shrine's outer wall, or what was left of it. The markings, and shrine in general looked somewhat familiar.
Suddenly I heard a loud klang and the denting of metal. Then I felt intense pain in my back. I turned and saw the red echidna Chaos had warned me about earlier.
"Stay away from my emerald!" He said, getting ready to attack again. Suddenly long, blue, watery arms wrapped around the echidna. I looked at Chaos.
"Gamma," He said, "Get the emerald, me and Puppet Tails will hold off Knuckles!"
I nodded my head and ran up the steps into the shrine. I heard a yell of pain behind me. The yell echoed, so I couldn't figure out who it was. I turned around just in time to catch a spiked mitten to the face.
I fell backwards, the emerald tossed into the air. The sparkling, green, jewel came down with a large crash. There was the sound of glass shattering as the peices from the emerald scattered all over.
"NOO! THE EMERALD!" Shouted Knuckles.
Suddenly the ground began to rumble. The rumbling quickly became furious shaking, and the island, I realised, was falling into the sea. We were all going to plummet into the sea, and I, again, would meet my death.....

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